JCA is an environmental consulting firm with the main office in Plano, TX specializing in air quality services. Founded in 1984, JCA has served clients nationwide in multiple industries. JCA has completed air projects in 26 states and is a recognized leader in air quality consulting.

JCA helps companies comply with increasingly strict legislation such as the Clean Air Act Amendments and other regulatory programs in the most cost-efficient manner possible. JCA provides answers, technical support, and develops complex permitting strategies. JCA also works with regulatory agencies and secures permits on time and within budget. JCA is successful in these endeavors because of its staff members’ thorough understanding of air regulations and the permit approval process.

JCA exclusively focuses on air quality issues including: air quality permitting and reporting, air dispersion modeling, litigation support, and professional training.

JCA’s staff includes engineers and meteorologists with extensive experience addressing air quality matters for industrial facilities. All of JCA’s professional staff have graduate degrees and Jim Clary, President of JCA, with more than twenty years of experience in air quality consulting.